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Dr. Oz and his Omega 3 misdiagnosis

This time Dr. Oz almost got it right!

On the Dr. Oz show airing January 26th, 2011, celebrity doctors Mehmet Oz and Mark Hyman highlight the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids – specifically DHA and EPA.

They are correct in identifying salmon as one of the healthiest and richest sources of DHA and EPA. Well done boys.

Dr. Oz promoting Omega 3s

If it ended there, we could have given the boys an A+. But, it was during their subtle attempt to promote “wild” salmon over “farm-raised” salmon that the pair stumble.

Mark Hymen suggests that wild salmon has higher levels of DHA and EPA fats than farm-raised salmon.

Really Mark? Are you sure about that?

Well, salmon farmers have studied this closely, and fortunately for us, and unfortunately for Oz and Hymen, they are simply incorrect.

Here’s the proof, with a reference to the peer reviewed study to back it up.

The take home message is that all salmon, farmed or wild, is one of the best (if not, the best) sources of Omega 3/DHA/EPA.

So, Oz gets a B+ for now. But we have high hopes that he’ll study the subject next time before pretending to be the expert.

Is transparency a two way street?

Discussion & dialogue is good. It’s how great strides are made, change is implemented and helps the general public make intelligent decisions.

A new website called BC Salmon Facts is helping create important dialogue about salmon farming in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a website dedicated to helping folks learn about this important BC business, and also provides a venue to voice concerns, ask important questions, or share perspectives and knowledge.

It’s working – there are lots of people taking full advantage of the discussion forum. The questions can be quite thoughtful like “Why are salmon more efficient (at converting feed to meat) than land animals?”, and others, well…not so much, “You should move your fish farms on land, but I still won’t buy your salmon.” Yup, brilliant.

But what is most intriguing about this open dialogue, is that while the website’s transparency is being tested with questions and comments from some well-known paid activists, those very activists won’t open their websites up for comment, nor engage. At best, all comments are tightly screened, and if you don’t drink the same Kool-Aid, they are deleted. We know, we’ve tried. Heck, we’ll even give you some websites to look at, make some comments and hopefully prove us wrong;

Farmed and Dangerous (and they say they’re “pro” aquaculture – with a name like that!!)

Alexandra Morton blog (beware, after reading you may end up wearing Nikes and waiting patiently for Haley’s comet)

Georgia Strait Alliance (both campaigners listed on this website have never engaged, nor are experts in aquaculture)

Positive Aquaculture Awareness has always been very open for discussion – check out some of the comments in our blog section or on our YouTube page.

So, why is it that salmon farmers are expected and willing to be transparent, but our critics are not? Could it just be that we have nothing to hide, whilst our critics do?