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Brian “Captain” McKinlay says “…plenty of excellent fishing.”

Although we don’t wish ill on anyone, we don’t have much patience for Brian McKinlay. Brian is the owner of a fishing company (Silversides Fishing) and has sent personally threatening emails to many salmon farmers. Let’s just say he does not support salmon farming. He is rude, abusive and seems to enjoy harassing anyone who dares challenge his beliefs.

Sadly, it seems his business is suffering. He has reached out to his Facebook friends on Salmon are Sacred a few times for help. While Brian believes his website may just need a tweek to get back into business, we would suggest there may be a different issue. That is, we seriously doubt spending $540 on a fishing trip listening to his anti-corporate, anti-government, anti-salmon aquaculture drivel is worth the money. Just sayin’.

253013 Brian McKinlay - business help

Or, could it be that Brian and his like-minded friends at Salmon are Sacred have convinced many that there are no fish left in the ocean? After all, hasn’t salmon aquaculture wiped them all out?

Wait! Not at all, according to Brian. In a weird sentence that effectively mixes anti-government speak and shameless promotion, Brian says “…although govt are not respecting our wild fish there is still plenty of excellent fishing.”

So, by process of elimination we know that Brian’s website is good enough and there’s a lot of fish in the sea to kill for sport. Hmmm? What, pray tell, could be driving business away?


Freedom of speech is for all, right?

Canadians are very fortunate to live in a democratic society, and activism has helped ensure we all have the ability to speak, freely.  But, in a world full of ironies, it is often activists themselves who will attempt to block others from speaking, unimpeded.

Here’s an example from our buddies over at Salmon are Sacred. “Captain” Brian McKinlay – a vicious, vitriolic Salmon are Sacred troll and site spammer  – regurgitates his typical nonsense about BC farm-raised salmon and encourages people to internet harass Eat! Vancouverorganizers who are hosting the food event in Vancouver this weekend. Of course, all products featured at Eat! Vancouver have been raised on a farm.

 052313 McKinlay Eat Vancouver

Others activists chime in – some just visiting Canada – and threaten to harass or obstruct BC Salmon Farmers Association staff at the event.

052313 Don SAS Eat Vancouver

Now, when the Salmon are Sacred bunch decide to express their beliefs (right or wrong), and protest farm-raised salmon at a grocery store – like they seem to do weekly in Chilliwack salmon farmers let them. Unimpeded. That is freedom of speech. Salmon farmers will, of course, have to correct their false allegations, but they certainly don’t harass activists while they are expressing their feelings to unsuspecting customers. Activists also host anti-salmon information booths at hippy festivals around BC; but salmon farmers don’t interrupt their love-ins . Activists also host documentary film screenings full of flat out lies about BC salmon farms; but salmon farmers don’t crash their attempted lobotomies.   

 It is pretty clear that people like Brian McKinlay worry that the democracy which he enjoys so much – where people are allowed to speak and think clearly – will actually expose him for what he is; a liar and a wingnut.