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Alex, it’s time to stir up the masses again

Just like other cult leaders, when their congregation feels down in the doldrums, the “call to action” sermon arrives just in time to whoop up the masses. Today, Alexandra Morton published a blog sermon that can only be referred to as “freakin’ nuts”. Freakin’ nuts and full of it.

This kind of sermon always begins with attention getting BS:

“…the Norwegian salmon feedlot industry…” – BS. It is Canadians who grow BC farm-raised salmon. And how does race or nationality factor in this story? Especially sweet given that it’s an American expatriate preaching about Norwegians in Canada.

“…green light to expand in BC…” – Nonsense. BC salmon farmers have always expressed an interest in keeping up with the increasing global demand for salmon and seafood. Demand grows at about 5-6% per year: hardly massive expansion.

“Common sense and the law have been set aside” – Huh? Let’s review: growing healthy seafood and helping conserve our oceans? What can be more common-sense and law-abiding than that?

“BC is now a third-world region” – Really? Because a few farms are going to grow a bit more fish, suddenly we’re in Somalia now? That’s one hell of a slippery slope.

The sermon then moves to the pity party:

“I can only say I am not the David you hoped I would be against this Goliath.” (Hmmm, does this sound familiar? Check out our April 8, 2013 blog titled “Here we go again: Alexandra Morton is “quitting””) She’s a couple months early in this annual sob fest.

Then throw in a little less-than-humble cult leader rhetoric:

“I can, however, be your guide.”

And finish with a crescendo – the call to action/the assembly of the masses/the groupthink:

“You are the most powerful force on earth.”

“You will not suffer the emotional damage of being a victim and I will be here alongside you to make sure your time is not wasted.”

“We will need to be relentless, like the industry itself.”

“I will let you know what I think is the powerful thing you can do for wild salmon.”

The only thing that’s missing from this sermon is the part where they pass around the offering plate. Ah… no wait. That’s there too.

2014-01-31 15_57_04-alexandra morton



We have to admit, this is pretty crafty. She is setting herself up to get paid for doing absolutely nothing other than offering “guidance.”

Just like a cult leader.


Salmon may be sacred, but they also make some people say stupid things

Salmon are Sacred is a group of self-titled “wild salmon warriors”. Their Facebook page claims to be a venue for like-minded warriors to have “serious, open and respectful discussions and information sharing associated with the impacts of open pen salmon feedlots on wild Pacific salmon.”

The page also states that the “Salmon Are Sacred Facebook administrator team will determine whether or not member requests are approved and whether a member is removed from this page due to inappropriate/offensive posting.”

Now, for the reality check:

“Respectful”? When discussing the work of  British Columbia’s lead fish pathologist (who maintains the following credentials – D.V.M., Ph.D., Diplomate, A.C.V.P.), the lead administrator of the Facebook page responded with:012414 Jim Wilcox



“Inappropriate or offensive”? Two posters recently posted the following violent and threatening comments:

012414 Gasoline


012414 Jim the battle heats up



012414 Dynamite




Administrators Wilcox and Ms. Alexandra Morton seem to be tacitly giving these threats of violence their approval by letting them go unchecked.  Authorities have been notified. The posters of each comment have not been banned from the site for breach of its moderation policy.