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Why Greenpeace can’t – and won’t – ever be taken seriously

Why Greenpeace can’t – and won’t – ever be taken seriously
Alaska Salmon Ranching on Sunday, March 30, 2014

A few days ago Greenpeace’s Oceans Campaigner wrote a rant about why it “can’t, and won’t, endorse farmed salmon”.

However, all William MacKenzie accomplished was to expose how out of touch Greenpeace is about seafood and aquaculture.

Here are the highlights:…

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Is this irony? – Alexandra Morton’s latest stunt

Is this irony? (we’re not asking Alanis Morissette)

 On March 4 the BC Salmon Farmers published a document pointing to the factual errors in Ms. Alexandra Morton’s latest stunt about oils in salmon. The document encouraged a tweet from @Alaska_Salmon asking  that @alexandramorton respond to the errors in her statements:

030614 Blog Pic 1 The tweet got this response:

030614 Blog pic 2In an obvious effort deflect and never answer any critical questions, she blames anonymity as the reason why she cannot respond to a document raising significant points about errors and lies in her recent statement.

But, apparently, if the anonymous person is friendly, then she literally does “LIKE” it, and will happily respond:

030614 Blog Pic 3030614 Blog Pic 4030614 Blog Pic 6030614 Blog Pic 7So Ms. Morton does indeed respond to anonymous dialogue (is that irony or hypocrisy?). And is the fact that “A Sheep No More” is wanting to follow and impress their leader irony? Or is it just damn funny!?