Monthly Archives: June 2014

The results are in: Tyee headline writers still crazy…

Our title would have been a much more accurate than the recent headline that the online rag called Tyee ran with.

The story’s actual title, Tyee readers still crazy for Alexandra Morton, who tops Order of BC poll”, seemed to leave a reader with the perception that this was high ranking stuff. It isn’t.

The embellished story – about BC’s leading anti-salmon farm activist –  shouldn’t surprise anyone. Heck, this lady embellishes herself every day: calling herself a “doctor” for years even though she’s hardly qualified to administer a Band-Aid . She likens herself to Jane Goodall and says she is nearing “folk hero” status. Crikey.

So, how many Tyee readers are “crazy”…for Alexandra Morton. 39. Yes, 39…out of a total of 157 votes.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, makes news at the Tyee.