The results are in: Tyee headline writers still crazy…

Our title would have been a much more accurate than the recent headline that the online rag called Tyee ran with.

The story’s actual title, Tyee readers still crazy for Alexandra Morton, who tops Order of BC poll”, seemed to leave a reader with the perception that this was high ranking stuff. It isn’t.

The embellished story – about BC’s leading anti-salmon farm activist –  shouldn’t surprise anyone. Heck, this lady embellishes herself every day: calling herself a “doctor” for years even though she’s hardly qualified to administer a Band-Aid . She likens herself to Jane Goodall and says she is nearing “folk hero” status. Crikey.

So, how many Tyee readers are “crazy”…for Alexandra Morton. 39. Yes, 39…out of a total of 157 votes.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, makes news at the Tyee.

3 thoughts on “The results are in: Tyee headline writers still crazy…

  1. Fred Hawkshaw

    A real scientist can only be held to account for what he writes and even that is taken with a grain of salt because no science is without question or challenge. Any of us can male claims that don’t have to be true, especially when it comes to fish science because no one has all the answers. The shame is the case of the anti-BC aquaculture industry is, people such as Ms. Morton and Mr. Suzuki can make claims that don’t have to have basis in fact because the science isn’t yet complete and never will be. Could their version of the “facts” be pseudo science- at best yes, at worst, most likely because their agenda is to eliminate this important industry from BC. Is the wild salmon their real concern? If it were, why don’t they expend more energy on exposing the issues covered up by DFO Management to please an industry that has no end of very credible sustainable science but no accountability- the BC commercial salmon net fishery?


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