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Farmed salmon is only 3% of global aquaculture production — so why is it all we ever hear about?

Re-post from Salmon Farm Science

Sometimes we need to step back and look at the big picture, put things in context and re-evaluate what we think we know.

When we look at the global picture of aquaculture production, it’s quite interesting. If it wasn’t for aquaculture, we would have wiped out wild fisheries decades ago. But as it stands today, (or at least as of 2012, the most recent year for which complete data is available), aquaculture produces nearly 67 million metric tonnes of seafood.

That is enough to feed every single person on this planet two meals of seafood every week for one year.

Aquaculture CAN feed the world.

But in North America, “aquaculture” sometimes gets used as a dirty word, and people have been primed to think bad thoughts when they hear “fish farming.”…

Read the full blog at: http://salmonfarmscience.com/2014/04/22/farmed-salmon-is-only-3-of-global-aquaculture-production-so-why-is-it-all-we-ever-hear-about/

Jim Wilcox: “my concerns are…not based in science”

In a recent blog post on Salmon are Sacred, Jim Wilcox invites feedback to his statement that

121713 Jim - Concerns Not based on Science Statement



Our feedback: thanks Jim for your refreshing honesty. However we would hope that the future of food security and public health, and that decisions about ocean aquaculture are indeed based on science and fact. Thankfully, the science is made clear in the article you reference. That science says: well sited and responsibly managed ocean aquaculture can have minimal or no impact.

Again, thanks for your honesty Jim, and thanks for asking for our input.