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We sure don’t want to be in a canoe with the Water Brothers!

Apparently the dictionary at TVO (TV Ontario) has a different definition of “fair” and “balanced” than the rest of the world. Last night a terrible episode of The Water Brothers aired on public television in Ontario – it has so many mistakes, it’s hard to even start correcting them (though Mainstream Canada got a good start on it here )

Before the episode aired though, the brothers took the time to reach out to some of the groups who gave them “unfettered access” – specifically Marine Harvest Canada and the BC Salmon Farmers Association – to thank them for allowing them to create a ‘balanced’ story.

 101613 Water brothers

The story sure didn’t feel balanced though – a lot of the same old critics (think ‘Doc’ Morton and venomous John Volpe) talking about salmon farming in BC…. But not a lot of salmon farmers talking about what we do.

 Just to make sure we weren’t making up this feeling of sensitivity though, we thought we’d breakdown the interviews. Pretty interesting: over 70 per cent of the interview time included in the story is to ‘antis’, while under a third of it goes to representatives of the actual sector. You know – the people who actually do the work.

101613 Water brothers grid2

If this is the Water Brothers definition of balance, we wouldn’t want to be in a canoe with them.

Alexandra Morton, time to climb down off your pedestal.

The big news yesterday was the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) releasing the first year results of the state’s ISA Monitoring Program announcing no signs of the disease or the virus in farmed, hatchery or wild salmon. It is an impressive study that utilized enhanced testing protocols, conducted extensive sampling, had the participation of multiple science based agencies and top US diagnostics labs analyzing the samples.

The results of the study was welcomed by BC Salmon Farmers who said the “study reinforces the findings of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the results of the Provincial Government’s labs that ISA has not been found in the waters of the Pacific Northwest or in BC”

Did you hear that Alexandra?

Guess not… because on the same day the study was released, Alexandra was on her pedestal criticizing the expertise of the Washington State scientists and the ISA monitoring program! Here is what she had to say about the study in a Globe and Mail story that ran the same day the study was released:

“ …But Ms. Morton said she stands by her findings and said the Washington study might have been too narrowly focussed.

“If you only use . . . a very precise test, you might miss it,” she said.”

Unbelievable! She then goes on to post this nonsense in the comment section of the G&M


11:00 AM on May 31, 2013

My quote needs a few more words. ISA virus is in the influenza family and well-known to mutate on an ongoing basis, like all influenza-type viruses. This is why the flu shot from two years ago might not work this year. There are many tests for ISA virus, and one of them is a very precise lock-and-key type called a real time RT – PCR. This works well if you have a known strain of ISA virus, but if ISA virus has mutated in specific regions of its RNA since leaving the Atlantic, this test will reject the new variant and give a false negative. I am glad the US is testing, I hope these tests are accurate, but there IS a varient of ISA virus in BC that needs to be recognized and dealt with ASAP. Stay-tuned, many are working as fast as we can, in the face of obstructive measures, to bring the highest levels of science to this situation. This virus is the greatest salmon-killed known and international protocol demands it be contained.

Gotta say, we cheered when we read the 3 replies that followed Alexandra Morton’s nonsensical comment:

1:52 PM on May 31, 2013
Ms. Morton, how about you either shut up or disclose all the information that is known about the ISA virus.

#1 – even the lab you sent samples to states in its report “…does not imply the subject fish had ISA or that ISA is present…” Mention that.

#2 – you have zero training in fish health or pathology or virology. Yet you profess to know more than people with PhD’s, and those who’ve being practicing professionals for many years. Admit it.

#3 – Pacific salmon have been shown to be unaffected by ISA, yet you say it is the “greatest salmon killer”. Talk about resistance in Pacific salmon.

#4 – you are not independant. You are supported by people who have a vested interest in the economics of wild salmon. Show who pays you.

#5 – you have asked that people call you “Doctor” – yet you are not one. You have now lost your RPBio status because you have broken every ethics code in the book – you are no longer a professional biologist (you only were one because you paid yearly dues, but you’ve never had formal training.

Quit pretending you’re something you’re not. You are not professional, you don’t play well with others, and you are losing credibility every time you speak from your biased, uneducated belief system.

The country of Canada has kindly accepted you as an immigrant. Start treating Canadians and the Canadian government that has accepted you with some respect.

Dave M10
2:34 PM on May 31, 2013
Ms. Morton this is where the best advice you could get would be to climb down off your pedestal, admit your research has been disproven and move on. Otherwise your quickly dwinding credibility will soon be gone completely. What are you suggesting here that only you have the magical ability to discover this “virus”, that the results multiple agencies with more resources than you have reported are not valid?

12:46 AM on June 1, 2013
Alex, you need to start to do more listening and do less talking on the subject. You talk like you are an expert on virology and fish pathology but you don’t know what you are talking about. The WDFW working with other groups have done extensive testing and it confirms what we now know right now in the Pacific Northwest – there is no signs of ISAv or ISA. Quit blaming “obstructive measures”…..The only obstruction right now is your stubbornness to accept that you are wrong..

Thanks Cake, DaveM10 and Steve406! We totally agree that it is time for Alexandra Morton to climb down off her pedestal!