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Blogger errs again in claims about salmon farms and compensation

Blog Re-posted from Mainstream Canada, Grant Warkentin, November 26, 2013

Blogger errs again in claims about salmon farms and compensation

Mainstream Canada 2013-11-26: DC Reid continues to get the facts wrong, and refuses to admit his mistakes, in his latest blog post about salmon farm compensation.

Despite being corrected numerous times, Dennis Reid continues to tell stories about salmon farming which are not based in fact.

I initially addressed his errors in a web post here last week, which you should read first if you are unfamiliar with this discussion.

I also posted on the website where the article was hosted, correcting further errors by Reid, but the site moderator did not approve the comment. The comment can be read here instead.

But this week, Reid persists in repeating untruths,,,

Read the full blog here.

Consumers and businesses wise enough to make their own choice about Farmed Salmon

People don’t generally like being told what to do – especially if it’s by a group of scare-mongering protestors.

Last week, the Cowichan News-Leader ran a story about a group of protestors who took to the local Walmart Supercentre to protest their stocking of farm-raised salmon. The story included this incredible quote that illustrates just how wrong some of these people are:

“No one knows if salmon parasites go into people. It’s insanity on multiple levels.” (Leanne Hodges )

When the story was posted online, west coast salmon farmer James Costello had to set the record straight – and got some humorous back up.

102310 Protestors are the Parasites - james

102310 Protestors are the Parasites - way to go james

It didn’t end there though – the next day, the below opinion piece ran in the same paper. The summary? Don’t remove customers’ choice. They can educate themselves and make their own decisions thankyouverymuch. We – retailers, diners, shoppers – are smart enough to do it without people like Leanne above insisting they should make those choices for us.

The case for

The fish farming industry has repeatedly addressed the concerns raised by its opponents.

The government has examined these same concerns and decided to allow salmon farming to continue.

Armed with both sides of the argument, consumers and businesses are wise enough to make their own choices about whether or not to buy.

Let them.