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Salmon Confidential – A fictional documentary

The following letter was submitted to the Editor of the Globe and Mail by Ian Roberts, Marine Harvest Canada on September 27.

If you enjoy film documentaries that include dubious editing, court testimony manipulation, character assassination, misrepresented lab reports and omission of vital facts about wild salmon migration and fish health, then please watch Salmon Confidential at VIFF.

But if you still enjoy a balanced and fair approach to movie making, then maybe skip it.

Just like the film, the Globe and Mail Q&A with filmmaker Twyla Roscovich (“Documentary filmmaker captures the wild life of salmon”, September 27) includes “errors of fact”. The biggest: that the filmmaker “tried to reach out” to BC salmon farmers for their perspective. That has not happened, ever.  However, Ms. Roscovich did use a different name and pretend to represent a news channel to interview a leading fish health professional. She didn’t have to, as the individual has granted dozens of interviews on the subject of salmon.

Salmon Confidential has been produced for a reason; because the plot in this movie failed to impress experts at the Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River and they want to now present their failed argument to an unsuspecting public.

However, after hearing from expert witnesses (veterinarians and fish virologists) Justice Bruce Cohen concluded that the “data presented during this Inquiry did not show that salmon farms were having a significant negative impact on Fraser River sockeye” (Final Report, Volume 3, p. 24, column 2). Additional recommendations from Cohen asked for continuation of fish health data for wild and farm-raised salmon to help confirm his findings and salmon farmers agree to these additional recommendations.

It is disappointing that activists choose to misrepresent an important business to BC; one that employs thousands of responsible farmers on our coast who raise healthy seafood for a growing population while helping to conserve wild salmon stocks.

If you want to learn more about the errors and false claims made in this documentary, please visit Salmon Confidential Exposed at www.SalmonConfidential.com. To learn about salmon farming in British Columbia please visit BC Salmon Farmers Association at www.SalmonFarmers.org.

Ian Roberts

Marine Harvest Canada

Campbell River


Salmon Farm Science: Morbo says: VIRUS TESTING DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY

Blog at Salmon Farm Science, August 14, 2013

In the ridiculous apologetics activists and their supporters use to explain why they are right in claiming ISA virus is in BC, one particularly odious claim keeps popping up.

This screed from Twyla Roscovich, Alexandra Morton’s new fiction writer and propagandist, lays out the claim:

Nearly every lab that doesn’t have direct ties with industry and the government seems to be able to find at least segments of the virus, while every lab that has a vested interest in not finding the virus can’t seem to detect it. It’s easy not to find this virus if you don’t want to.

 Sorry, but this is bullshit. And like true propaganda, Twyla and Morton are banking on the hopes that you, dear readers, are not well-versed enough in science for your bullshitometers to be going off the charts whenever they talk.

We think you’re smart enough to think for yourselves, and do a little research, which shows that CFIA’s lab has found ISA virus 10 times already this year. Clearly CFIA has no problems testing for this virus, finding the virus and verifying suspected findings of the virus. If the lab can find the virus in Eastern Canada, there’s no reason why it couldn’t find it in BC.

But wait, they’ve got an explanation for that too….Read the full blog at Salmon Farm Science here.