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Sweet Spring finally sprung

Re-post from Alaska Salmon Ranching

Well, it seems that the story we broke in February has come to its logical conclusion.

IntraFish reports today that Sweet Spring salmon company is in “transition”. In other words, they’re transitioning into going out of business.

They’ve downsized staff, the CEO has quit, they’ve sold off equipment and stopped growing fish for market…

Read the full blog here: http://www.alaskasalmonranching.com/sweet-spring-finally-sprung/

Why Greenpeace can’t – and won’t – ever be taken seriously

Why Greenpeace can’t – and won’t – ever be taken seriously
Alaska Salmon Ranching on Sunday, March 30, 2014

A few days ago Greenpeace’s Oceans Campaigner wrote a rant about why it “can’t, and won’t, endorse farmed salmon”.

However, all William MacKenzie accomplished was to expose how out of touch Greenpeace is about seafood and aquaculture.

Here are the highlights:…

Read the full blog here:  http://www.alaskasalmonranching.com/why-greenpeace-cant-and-wont-ever-be-taken-seriously/