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Hey Alexandra, these are the same fish you told everyone were going to go extinct

Alexandra Morton has been on a crusade for over 20 years to rid her adopted country, Canada, of salmon farms. Her mission is clear and her methods are now also clear: misrepresent, fear monger,  manipulate and bully. These are the pink salmon she told everyone were going to be extinct …

British Columbia salmon return one of largest seen in region – BBC, September 11, 2013

091213 Pink Salmon

Pink salmon, shown in a file photograph, have a lifespan of two years

An estimated 26 million pink salmon have crowded British Columbia’s waterways, nearly three times more fish than expected, officials have reported.

Roughly 17 million of the fish, which have a two-year life cycle, returned from the ocean in 2011.

This month’s salmon run is one of the largest ever seen in north-west British Columbia, officials have said.

“It is a really good return this year, and we’re quite pleased to see it,” Les Jantz, area director for the British Columbia Interior, told the BBC.

Mr Jantz said large pink salmon returns had been reported in the US state of Alaska, which could foreshadow significant sockeye salmon returns after a low season.


Bumper return of pink salmon surge up B.C.’s rivers

Strong pink salmon run a boon for Bellingham Cold Storage

BELLINGHAM – This year’s pink salmon run is looking good, both locally and regionally.

Business is going strong at Bellingham Cold Storage, which helps process, pack and ship salmon throughout the season.


Dungeness River has biggest salmon run in a half-century

Pink salmon, also known as humpbacks or humpies, are thick in the Dungeness River watershed this year.

SEQUIM — The biggest run of pink salmon in the Dungeness River since 1963 is underway.

The biannual summer run of pink salmon, also known as humpbacks or humpies, has filled the river with spawning fish so full that people easily can see the fish just about anywhere in the Dungeness River, said Scott Chitwood, natural resources director of the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe.


Pink salmon back in big numbers

Although it’s only the first few days of September, it’s looking like a good start to fall for fisherman in the Comox Valley.


No end in sight just yet for huge pink salmon return

The fun times for pink salmon keep on rolling, and it looks like the migrating coho are bringing up the rear from the Strait of Juan de Fuca clear into Puget Sound…The Pacific Salmon Commission has now updated the run-size estimate of Fraser River pinks to a whopping 24-million compared to a preseason forecast of more than 8.9-million.


“Wall of Salmon”, Island Pool 2013 – Campbell River, B.C.

Destiny River Adventures, Sept 3, 2013 (10:29 min)

Here is a better quality video of “The Wall of Salmon”, it is an amazing sight to see cutthroat and rainbow trout hiding in the sticks. Enjoy, Share and Like with Destiny River Adventures. Watch it in HD.


Reference: Fraser River Panel FRP News Releases and Regulatory Announcements

Pacific Salmon Commission website at: http://www.psc.org/news_frpnews.htm

Historic return for pink salmon

Over one million return to Campbell/Quinsam

By Neil Cameron, The Courier-Islander September 27, 2013

Pink salmon returns to the Campbell and Quinsam Rivers hit a historic high of over one million fish this year. It is the highest total on record since the Quinsam Hatchery opened over 35 years ago.


Tsolum pink run so good, hatchery not needed

 Comox Valley Echo September 27, 2013

 A healthy return of 60,000 pink salmon this year is rewarding years of hard work by the Tsolum River Restoration Society (TRRS)…”This is the best run since 1958!” said Wayne White, President of the TRRS, “This is the kind of run we would like to see every year.”


Pink salmon showing healthy returns in North and West Vancouver

Brent Richter and Anne Watson / North Shore News, September 26, 2013

Salmon are returning to the streams on the North Shore — some of them, like pinks, in record numbers this year.



How much fishing experience do you have Guy Fournier?

Well, it seems as though the gang at Salmon are Sacred knew this blog post was coming.

When Guy Fournier posts a note about a pink salmon he just caught in the Squamish River that was red, had sea lice on it, was bleeding from the mouth, and had large lacerations, the Salmon are Sacred fan club was shocked and left grasping for reasons for this “unusual catch”.

 Guy Pink salmon1

Many Salmon are Sacred had never witnessed this horror before – including one lady with 57 years fishing experience.

 Guy Pink salmon5

Many wanted to pontificate on reasons for this natural disaster: someone questions if it could be radiation from Japan? Activist Alexandra Morton calls for pictures so she can try to pin this revelation on salmon farmers, of course.

 But then Lorne Parker points to the obvious (well, obvious to people that actually understand salmon biology):

Guy Pink salmon2

 Here’s a few more facts about spawning pink salmon that Lorne Parker may have missed:

  •  They have sea lice. In fact, the pink salmon that Guy was catching had lower sea lice levels than studies have shown. This study in 2004 and 2005 shows 100% of the pink salmon caught in the Queen Charlotte Strait naturally hosted between 24 and 52 sea lice
  • Salmon bleed from the mouth when they have a large hook in it.
  • Some are ugly. They have a humped back, hooked jaw and skin lacerations from getting pounded against the rocks whilst swimming up river.

 But then, like an angel watching over Sacred Facebookers, Cuba Libre cautions the gang not to jump to conclusions and misdiagnose – but only so they don’t give “them ammunition” (sorry, too late for that Cuba).

Guy Pink salmon3

Then finally, Cuba Libre slaps Claudette Bethune (a self-purported expert on everything Canadian – she lives in the USA) upside the head and reminds her that she knows very little about sea lice and salmon biology.

 Guy Pink salmon4

“…those enviro nuts don’t know what they’re talking about.” – Cuba Libre, August 16, 2013

 Have the Salmon are Sacred bunch began to critically think for themselves? Probably not. After all, the post from Anne Illerbrun about thousands of pink salmon knowingly killed and wasted by fishermen this week didn’t even earn itself a comment.  

Guy Pink salmon6